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Wanchain was founded by Factom’s technical co-founder, Jack Lu, and aims to unite the world’s digital assets and transform the digital economy. Wanchain will connect existing major digital currency networks and asset exchanges in both a stable and secure way without modifying the original chains and allow for privacy protection between transacting parties. Wanchain also aims to be a bank of the future and provide lending, payment, settlement, transaction, investment and financing solutions.


Coin Metrics



  • Release Date : 10/3/17
  • ICO Price : $0.340000 USD
  • ROI : 802.99%
  • Current Price BTC : 0.00046277 BTC
  • Current Price USD : $3.06 USD
  • Today’s Open : $3.15 USD
  • 24h High : $3.23 USD
  • 24h Low : $3.05 USD
  • 24h Volume : 5.63M
  • Market Cap : 328.81M
  • Supply : 107.10M





*Coin metrics are as of 4/6/2018



Wanchain already has a working wallet available to the public. The wallet is on desktop and available on mac, Windows, and Linux. You are able to transfer your assets either publicly or privately which is very interesting. While you can currently only store Wancoins on the wallet in June of 2018 they will provide multi coin support using integration with ethereum. Bitcoin integration is scheduled for december of 2018, and you even see integration of privacy coins as the last thing on the roadmap in December of 2019. While that is still a while away I am impressed to see their plan is extended that far and they have a major goal to work towards. This wallet is one of the things that makes Wanchain special, they are actually building an ecosystem for the cryptocurrencies. Wanchain also provides smart contracts similar to ethereum with the opportunity of privacy as well. Wanchain also provides a block explorer for keeping track of transactions and command line tools.


Wanchain is made up of an absolutely awesome team. Most of the team came over from Factom. They have a proven track record with factom being a top 100 coin for some time now. Jack Lu the founder and leader of the back is a seasoned veteran in the blockchain space and has raised multiple successful projects. He co founded Factom in 2014, and also founded wangluetech another blockchain company.  Dustin Byington is also a veteran in the space, with an degree from Columbia university and experience on multiple blockchain projects. He founded Bitcoin College in 2014, Cofounded Tendermint in 2015. Founded Satoshi Talent and Stokens Venture Capital. The real gem of the team is Ying Zhang. Ying was a senior developer of Ethereum with a deep understanding of, and engineering experience with, blockchain architecture, smart contracts and consensus algorithms.


Things To Note

The WanChain token swap is currently 94% complete however some holders of the tokens are waiting until their is hardware wallet support to swap. This is very good news and shows us that their will be hardware wallet support for Wan. The Wanchain team has been very engaged with the Ledger development team to provide support for Wan. There’s currently no release date however the team believes there will be support within about 3 weeks. Wanchain also has already formed multiple impressive partnerships within the Crypto community. They recently made public their partnership with Kyber Network ( $KYC ) a very promising exchange platform with a lot of positive sentiment in the community. Wanchain is also a member of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance with AION and ICX. These teams are combining their efforts to bring the interoblity of crypto assets to a new lever, which I believe is huge. I believe this is where Wan truly shines. Being able to share smart contracts with multiple blockchain platforms and the ability to use Ethereum Dapps on other platforms could be huge.


Where To Purchase Wanchain


  • Binance



Wanchain is obviously a very impressive project and with the recent listing on Binance, I don’t see a reason why this coin won’t be in the top 10 at the end of 2018. I think as far as long term investments this project is one of the safest bets as well. And that’s not to mention the potential Wanchain has, if they continue to develop their wallet and ecosystem and truly unlock interoperability as promised, this project will be a shining star in the community. The team is already well respected and making consistent efforts to improve their product and continue to keep the community updated. I am very impressed by everything Wanchain has to offer and i think 2018 will be a breakout year for the coin!




Link to Wanchain’s website : https://wanchain.org/


Link to view on Coinmarketcap : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wanchain/


Article – Blockchain Interoperability Alliance: ICON x Aion x Wanchain : https://medium.com/helloiconworld/blockchain-interoperability-alliance-icon-x-aion-x-wanchain-8aeaafb3ebdd


Thank you very much or reading this review. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to reach out to me in any way please do so via Twitter. My twitter handle is @thecryptosky


Disclaimer : This is not financial advice, and as always please do your own research.


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